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YCE - the triathlon community

Huub and YCE teamed up to offer an amazing deal, click here to find out all details.

Triathlon – a series of lessons. No matter how long we have been in the sport, no matter how many Ironman, Challenge or Rev3 races we have completed, no matter how many age group titles we have won, one thing is constant, we are all still learning about this wonderful sport in which we partake.

But what if the knowledge and learning could be done as a collective?

What if we could share our ideas, our thoughts and most importantly our lessons of triathlon?

Team YCE, a collective of athletes who want to share and learn while enjoying the journey of triathlon.

Yes, there is a membership fee, and yes we will give you lots of love and a really nice new helmet, and a really nice wetsuit, and yes you will save a lot of money, but let’s talk about what you will gain and not what you may save.

A group of likeminded athletes wanting to share and learn A community with a common passion for triathlon A desire to race to or potential no matter what our level may be A desire to share our experiences and laugh along the way A desire to give ourselves a “Competitive Edge”

It’s not my competitive Edge, it’s not his or hers competitive edge, It’s “Your competitive edge”

Join us, gain “Your competitive edge” and enjoy triathlon.


»Following the dream together – Team YCE«.


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YCE sponsored athlete
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Right now 2 of 6 athletes have qualified to join our ELITE.
Learn here how to qualify for the best of the best!

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Sep, 24.09.2013
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Sep, 18.09.2013
An Age Groupers Diary – Week 10 ITU finals and Tri Conference I hope this is the last easy week. The knee is recovering well and just by the feels I would have started running already. I [...]
Sep, 12.09.2013
An Age Groupers Diary – Week 9 Dealing with Injury! This is where it starts to get tough. I do have the feeling that the knee recovers well. Week 9 was an off week on pretty much everything. [...]

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